The first step of your career would be to enroll with us and set a starting date, once that’s done you can make all the medical test in your country and send it to us so we have your medical license waiting for you on your arrival so you can start flying as soon as you step in Argentinian soil.

We will also ask you to send some other documents such as highschool certificates, and a safety deposit that will cover your accommodation and food in case of need.


As soon as you land at the airport we will be waiting for you! We will get you to your new room and welcome you with a traditional meal and give you a tour of the school.

If you already have your medical you can start flying as soon as you want, if you don’t the next morning we will accompany you to make your medical, it takes a few hours and you will be ready to fly in no time.


This is where the fun begins, the first step of our training program is the PPL, you will fly at least 40 hours with a flight instructor in order to learn the basics of flight and how to control the aircraft and solve emergency procedures.

After your first solo you will make your first navigation with an instructor and later fine tune your skills to take the checkride with the inspector. You will have assigned your own Instructor so he can track your progress and personalize your education to suit you best, he will also be responsible of the ground classes and will be available 24/7 if you have any doubts.

The whole process of the ppl has to be at least 2 months and can take up to 4 months depending on the student and how much he wants to fly.


After you have you PPL license you will start flying and you will start the theorical course for the CPL, you need at least another 25hours with an instructor and after that you will start making navigations all over Argentina until you have enough experience to start the CPL training.

The next step in your career is the commercial license, in Argentina you can take the chekcride with 200 flight hours and have your written test approved. For this license you will require 30 hours of IFR training and at least 10 hours of night flight.

You can also choose to take the multi engine checkride with the CPL and the IFR rating altogether. Once you got your CPL with all of the ratings that you want you will have 250 hours of flight in command, out of all of these 160 will be navigation time, 50 hours of IFR time, 10 hours of multi engine, and 30 hours of instruction time, you will meet all of the requirements to validate your license wherever you wish.