PPL - Private Pilot Licence Course


Private pilot license

The private pilot license is your first step in to an airline career, you will have to train 40 hours in the air with a flight instructor paired with another 40 hours of ground lessons and 10 hours of VFR sim training. The recommended time to complete this course is 2 to 3 months.


Commercial pilot licence

The commercial license Will be your biggest step in your career, you will have to have at least 170 hours of cruise time around Argentina and after all of your navigations are completed you will have to make the Instrument rating and night flight training, this is a 40 hours course that will get you ready for your final checkride.  Usually takes the average student 7 to 9 months to complete the cruise time and the training.

flight License conversion

License conversion

We have partnerships with flightschools from around the world that will make it easy for you to validate your license to wherever you want to go fly next in your career, we offer EASA and FAA validations and we will prepare you for each license while you are training here in Argentina.